Frequently Asked Questions

We understand how special your dogs are to you and how important it is for us to get it right. As dog owners ourselves, we would want to know the ins and outs of where we were sending our little ones! So please feel free to get in touch with any question you may have, big or small. CountryCanines will be happy to help.

My dog has not been spayed or neutered, can he/she still attend daycare?

CountryCanines will discuss this with you in the initial consultation, each dog will be considered separately but I reserve the right to refuse any dog. If your dog humps or shows aggression towards other dogs they will not be able to attend daycare. 

We do not accept bitches in season at the daycare. Please advise us immediately if your dog is in season, or coming into season. Due to the nature of our daycare and the lack of confinement, although every effort will be made to prevent pregnancy, we can accept no responsibility should your dog become pregnant. 

Are you fully insured and hold all the appropriate licences? 

Of course! We are fully insured and have been awarded with a 5 star licence from Ribble Valley Council. 

How do you know the other dogs are friendly? 

CountryCanines has a strict "Friendly Dogs Only" policy. Only friendly dogs will be allowed at the daycare, all dogs go through the three stage application  process where we carefully assess whether they are right for CountryCanines or not. 

What are your visiting hours? 

CountryCanines is open for visitors between 11.00am - 3.30pm.

Do I need to book my dog in on the same days each week? 

We find it benefits the dogs if they're with familiar dogs each week. If you could imagine going to work and having different colleagues every day you would find it really hard to build friendships, I know I would!  So that's why we ask for you to book your dog in on the same days each week, that way we can form a pack, after all, dogs are pack animals!  We do however understand that things change and some weeks you will need to swap your days.

I start work early and don’t come back home until the evening, can I use your services?

Of course! Most of our CountryCanines customers work full time. We hold the keys to our customers homes and collect/deliver dogs when they are not there.

My dog is not very well trained, does this mean they can't attend CountryCanines?

Absolutely not, we accept dogs no matter what level of training they are at, providing they have a good recall and do not chase sheep. Daycare is a great place for dogs to learn, and CountryCanines will help with training. However please remember we have a strict policy of only accepting social dogs who have never shown aggression to a person or another dog.