The Ribble Valley's First Outdoor Daycare & Adventure Centre for Dogs!

We are a bespoke service tailored to dogs who love playing out as much as we do.


Set in over 50 acres of outstanding natural beauty, CountryCanines offers your companion a day of outdoor adventures and socialisation. 


With more than 2 years experience working in the daycare industry and over 6 years working with dogs we have the knowledge and understanding we need to run a great outdoor daycare and adventure centre.

 Since opening in 2018 we have grown into being one of the most exciting daycare for dogs in the Ribble Valley.


 Not only have we created a safe space filled with natural obstacles, earth tunnels, willow tepees, trampolines and dens. Think Go Ape, but for dogs!  We also take the dogs on long adventures twice a day around the 50 acre centre, across meadows, down streams, through woodlands and for dips in the waterfalls. 



CountryCanines is a space where dogs, whether young or old, can learn and develop into happy, socialised and well rounded individuals. 

Dog's pick up key social skills from being in a pack environment and, from experience, we know the dog's return home better behaved after only a few sessions.

We accept fully vaccinated puppies from 3 months. Socialisation from a young age stimulates the brain and ensures that they grow into a friendly dog. The puppies get the chance to learn from the older, more wise dogs, which is important in their younger years.

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Our vehicles have secure and comfortable spaces for the dogs during transportation.


   Slaidburn       Tosside        Newton       Waddington       Sawley       West Bradford       Chatburn       Clitheroe       Worston


Barrow        Whalley       Bolton - by - Bowland       Hurst Green      Chaigley      Grindleton      Whitewell      Mitton      Bashall

Sabden      Gisburn      Langho

P R I C E S 

D A Y   R A T E                                                                    £25

R E G U L A R   D A Y   R A T E                                  £23

5  D A Y  L O Y A L T Y  C A R D  (5% saving)                    £109

10  D A Y  L O Y A L T Y  C A R D  (10% saving)                 £207

P U P P Y  M O N D A Y  &  F R I D A Y *               £20

* Discount for puppies aged 3-8 months on Monday & Friday only.

All prices include pick up & drop off from the local areas

F I R S T  D A Y  C H A R G E                                      £25

P A Y M E N T   M E T H O D S 

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Our daily routine for adult dogs. Puppies and older dogs follow a similar routine with more snooze breaks. 

Arrive at CountryCanines

10.30 - 11.30

 The dogs are taken for an adventure across the meadows, down to the streams and for a play woodland areas. 

11.30 - 12.30

Play time! The dogs have a fun filled hour playing on the natural obstacles, making dens, running through earth tunnels and exploring the sensory garden.


12.30 - 13.30

Time for a snooze! We all retire to the heated cabin for a much needed rest. Any dogs who have lunch will be given this now.

13.30 - 15.30

The dogs are taken for another adventure across the meadows and for a play on the natural obstacles.

15.30 - 16.00

Home time! The dogs are cleaned off and put into the vehicles ready to go home.  


Head to the Join Our Pack page for more information or simply click the button below to get in touch.